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Welcome to SkiHa, where Dr. Shruti’s expertise converges with cutting-edge beauty solutions. Specializing in cosmetology, hair loss treatments, and trichology services, SkiHa offers personalized PRP treatments, hair transplants, and advanced laser therapies. Our comprehensive services include skin aesthetics, trichology for hair health, and state-of-the-art laser procedures such as hair reduction and tattoo removal. At SkiHa, we understand life isn’t flawless, but your skin and hair can be. Experience confidence through healthy, glowing skin at SkiHa, your ultimate destination for expert care and transformative beauty services.

What Our Client Says

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible care and expertise you provided during my hair regrowth treatment. Your dedication to helping me achieve my hair restoration goals has been truly remarkable... From our initial consultation to each follow-up appointment, you've consistently shown compassion, patience, and a deep understanding of my concerns. Your recommendations and treatment plan have produced outstanding results that have significantly improved my self-confidence and overall well-being.I couldn't be happier with the progress I've seen... Thank you once again for your exceptional care and for helping me regain not only my hair but also my self-assurance. I am truly grateful for your outstanding work.

Vinit Takkar

I was suffering from hormonal acne for more than 6 years…I was spending lot of money on peels and creams suggested by several dermatologist but no positive results. my skin kept getting worse. I got to know about Doctor Shruti from my office friend thankful to her for improving my skin 70 percent in just two months…..she is am amazing Doctor. Her treatment changed my skin my acne has settled down and my dark spots have vanished. She is so pretty and polite and explains the treatment so well. I would highly recommend Dr shruti for a beautiful skin

Akshata Aiwale

I had severe acne that significantly impacted my confidence. Thanks to Dr. Shruti's amazing skin treatment, I regained my self-assurance. Her expertise and care transformed my skin, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with skin issues. Dr. Shruti is a true professional who genuinely cares for her patients' well-being. Thank you for restoring my confidence!

Sadiya Khan

I had recently visited the clinic and was happy with the treatments.I would recommend everyone wanting to go for skin or hair treatment should visit Dr. Shruti's SKIHA(Skin and Hair Clinic)..Dr Shruti and her staff makes you very much comfortable and feel at home.The treatment and guidance by Dr Shruti is of top class. Keep up the good work..

Dr. Dipal Parikh
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